Apr 8, 2011

I Thee Wed

I stitched the I Thee Wed design as an engagement sampler for DH and me.  We were engaged for 4 years, so it is definitely a period of time in our life together worth celebrating with a sampler (any excuse to stitch, lol!).  The text is embroidered over-one in Swedish.

I don't think that the dark red linen was my original idea - I tend to be a bit scared of bold colors...   It is one of very few finished stitching projects that it actually displayed on the walls of our home.  I mounted it in a cheap shadow-box from Michael's and it looks pretty great that way.  I will try to add a picture of the finished piece as soon as I take a photo that does not look downrigth ugly... ;-)


Happy Stitching,


Sandra said...

Wow, this looks fabulous on this linen. I think I'd be very wary of stitching on something so dark, but the thread colours really stand out.

Anonymous said...

Love it !